About aeroh

At Aeroh, we have taken a new approach to smart home devices. Our devices have two types of APIs. Our cloud-based API is ideal for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Mobile App-based automation, and our device-based API is ideal for local automation with Apple HomeKit or any Raspberry Pi-based home automation setup. 

So, now the user can not just use voice and app control to operate their device; they can also write their own scripts to control their devices over the cloud or locally. Moreover, our devices come completely unlocked, and you can install your custom firmware. With our devices, the potential for customization is limitless.

This customizability allows customers to add their own custom features that they cannot find anywhere else. Customers can control where their data is going (cloud/local) and therefore have more control over their privacy. They don’t have to rely on the manufacturer to decide how long a product stays functional.